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Vanguard of the Zin Revolution


The Russian Revolution was all about Red Vs. White (armies), which is analogous to how Zinfandel is understood and consumed here in the United States.

Make no mistake: Neither Lainie nor Chip is a communist, they are nonetheless firm "red" partisans when it comes to Zinfandel, one of the world's most delicious (and misunderstood) wine grapes.

They do a deep dive in this episode, explaining what Zinfandel is, addressing issues of DNA research that ties the grape to both Primativo (from Italy) and Crljenak (Croatia). They also discuss how Zinfandel producers struggle to rehabilitate their wine's reputation following the White Zinfandel debacle.

Of course, they also take the time to enjoy some wine. This week's bottle is Easton Zinfandel, Amador County, 2015. Chip talks about meeting winemaker Bill Easton back when Chip owned his wine bar and how he was really impressed with Bill and his wines. Lainie tells a tale about how confusion over the color of Zin nearly got her in trouble while on a business trip.