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Two Chablis for Two



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French Wine for Two

Lainie and I had a blast during this episode. We had the immense good fortune to acquire two quality Chablis wines from Independent Spirits,  a  wine shop in the Edgewater neighborhood of Chicago. Both were reasonably priced, clocking in at around $20-$30 each. We took the opportunity to discuss, in general, the basics of Chardonnay and how its expression in the Chablis region of France is different than anywhere else in the world. These were two extremely high-quality white wines that we would both recommend to anyone anywhere. Please give it a listen and feel free to offer feedback.

Christoper et Fils Petit Chablis

Wine number one was a petit Chablis from Christopher et Fils. We both really admired this wine for its classic Chablis characteristics: notes of green apple and mild honeysuckle combined with that typical flinty mineral quality which is a hallmark of this area. Lainie thought that it would go well with scallops. Chip agreed with this assessment, adding that it would be delicious with any type of seafood.


L’Humeur du Temps

Wine number two was a Chablis by Alice and Olivier du Moor called L’Humeur du Temps. This was really a rare treat and entirely unexpected. Whereas many Chablis’s tend to be “lean” and somewhat under-ripe, this was much richer and opulent, not as much as, say, a Napa Chardonnay, but it definitely was on that side of the fence. Alice and Olivier are known to be somewhat radical, if not heretical, in their take on Chablis and this wine is a perfect example of that heresy. The wine itself featured notes of burnt tangerine, herbs, and a gorgeous minerality that lingered forever. Highly recommended French wine from a region that has lost some of its luster in recent years.