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Signed, Sealed, Delivered: Ordering Wine by Mail

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In this episode, Chip and Lainie talk about ordering wine by mail. While we both love to patronize small local wine shops that offer expertise as well as boutique wines that are hard to find in large retailers, we also realize that not everyone has access to such shops. In addition, the more budget-minded among us may rely on flash sale sites and wine clubs to get high-end or small production wines that we normally can’t afford.

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Companies we mentioned in this podcast:

Naked Wines (Affiliate link: Special deal for new members!)

Last Bottle Wines (Affiliate link: Special deal on your first order!)

Wall Street Journal Wine Club (Want a deal that includes a big discount on your introductory offer plus $25 off your second case? Send Lainie an email and she’ll arrange for to send you a special offer! Or you can call 1-877-975-9463 to join with code WFC347E533 and get the same offer.)

Paul Hobbs (Check out our review of his Russian River Chardonnay)

OtterBox & FedEx

Free the Grapes

Wine Institute