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This Nero Doesn’t Fiddle Around

The quality of the label doesn’t have any connection to the quality of the wine inside the bottle. Happily, this nifty label matches the deliciousness of St. Daniel Pinot Nero.


Wine: St. Daniel Pinot Nero (Blauburgunder) Riserva  (note that the link is to the 2017 vintage)
Producer: Colterenzio (Schreckbichl)
Country of origin: Italy (Alto Adige)
Vintage: 2016
Wine type: Red wine
Varietal: Pinot Nero (Pinot Noir)
Cost: $18
Disclosures: We purchased this wine ourselves and did not receive it as a sample or gift. There are no affiliate links in this post.

What We Thought of St. Daniel Pinot Nero (Blauburgunder) Riserva 2016

Another scrumptious offering: German engineering + Italian creativity creates some wonderful wines. A fresh nose that deepens after a bit of exposure to the air. Medium-plus acid, nice tannins that go great with cheese and fatty cured meat (such as prosciutto). Chip notes that it is a great food wine, which is true, but Lainie also feels that this a red wine that could be enjoyed on its own (she spends a few minutes fantasizing about enjoying this wine, on its own, this coming fall while sitting on her back porch).

This isn’t a wine that is terribly young: 2016, and it has some decent alcohol level (14%), but it has a remarkable freshness to it that we marveled at even after finishing the wine.

We paired it with a Basque sheep milk cheese, the aforementioned prosciutto, and a Spanish torta (an olive-oil fried crispbread). The wine was a fine match to these delicacies.

An impressive offering: We look forward to trying more from the cooperative that produced St. Daniel Pinot Nero.

(Side note from Lainie: I really like their label design. I know you aren’t supposed to judge a wine by its label, but I confess that it is something that does influence my buying decisions. Sometimes.)


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