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Orange Is the New Black . . .Muscat

Shockingly orange. A shock to the palate. Oh, but we did love this wine!

Wine:  ‘Oreads’ Rosé PGI Tyrnavos
Producer: Papras Bio Wines
Country of origin: Thessalia, Greece
Vintage: 2019
Wine type: Rosé/Skin-Contact
Varietal: Black Muscat
Cost: $22
Disclosures: We purchased this wine ourselves from Independent Spirits in Chicago and did not receive it as a free gift or sample. As of March 17th, 2021, this post does not include any affiliate links.

You say “to-may-to.”

I say “to-mah-to.”

You say “Rosé.”

I say “skin-contact.”

I beg you: Let’s NOT call the whole thing off.

What We Thought of ‘Oreads’ Rosé PGI Tyrnavos 2019

So here’s the deal: This wine is sold as a rosé, which we have no objection to, but it seems to us that this is more of a skin-contact or “orange” wine. Certified organic, this wine is incredibly unusual, reminding both of us of kombucha. Mind you, this isn’t kombucha: It’s definitely wine. A gorgeous blood-orange color with a refreshing tang, salinity, and what Lainie thought was pepper but later decided was blood-orange, this is a refreshing natural, unfiltered wine that is likely to make your head spin.

It’s glou-glou, but restrain yourself. It changes as it gets a bit warmer. Don’t deny yourself the pleasure of checking this out cold, but it shows a lot of character as it warms up. Pace yourself and be rewarded.

We paired it with Juliana Capriole Goat Cheese, which proved to be an inspired pairing suggested by Augusta Food & Wine here in Chicago.

If you like Campari you will like this wine.


Check Out Our Podcast Discussion

We are still working on production issues and hope to have a better set-up soonish. Still, we invite you to enjoy our tasting and discussion of this wine.

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