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Fish Out of Water: Accidental Review of Alice Verdeca 2019

We got so over-excited about this wine, and testing our A.V. equipment, that we forgot to take a proper photo of the bottle or the wine in a glass. Kindly forgive us.

Wine: Alice Verdeca
Producer: Produttori Di Manduria
Country of origin: Italy
Vintage: 2019
Wine type: White
Varietal: Verdeca
Cost: Online sources show the cost as averaging around $18
Disclosures: We purchased this wine ourselves and did not receive it as a free gift or sample. As of March 8th, 2021, this post does not include any affiliate links.

What We Thought of Alice Verdeca 2019

I came across this white wine at one of my favorite local shops, Augusta Food & Wine. The owner is a restless soul and is constantly updating his wine selection to include unusual grapes and winemaking styles which are usually reasonably priced, if not outright bargains. While I try to not choose a wine just because I like its label, I have to admit that the attractive little sardine on Alice did catch my eye. Of course, I’m also partial to Italian white wines, so I was pretty much sold on this bottle from the beginning.

Chip was kind enough to do some research on the grape before we tasted it. Verdeca is grown primarily in Emilia-Romagna and Puglia and Alice is itself made from grapes grown in Puglia. When we opened the wine, we were immediately interested in the floral nose. Chip called out “lots and lots of flowers,” while I described what I was smelling as an “unfamiliar meadow.” Chip then began to call out lemon verbena and after a few sips we both noted the following:

  • Medium acidity
  • A fair amount of citrus fruit

I also noticed something going on with the mouthfeel: In the midst of all those herbs and fruits and acid, there was a slightly creamy texture as well. It was wonderful, but not at all what I was expecting. As the tasting progressed, Chip noted some pineapple and stony minerality as well.

We detected some of the wine’s most interesting qualities in its finish: Both observed a savory note that we liked very much. Both observed a lingering, elegant quality that left us both quite satisfied.

Our take: Both of us felt that this would be a great food wine (seafood anyone?) and regretted that we didn’t have the foresight to have some food handy for the tasting. Neither felt that this would be a wine we’d suggest for sipping on its own, though this preference doesn’t mean that the wine isn’t quite fascinating and delicious.

The Accidental Wine Podcast

Chip and I have been tossing the idea of a wine blog around for a while now and have been making tentative steps toward actually getting this thing started. One day, we got to chatting and Chip noted that I have a fair amount of experience in podcasting and YouTube shows (check out my bio) and suggested that we consider a podcast or vlog as well. It seemed an inspired suggestion, so I decided to see if my combination microphone and camera would be able to record the both of us at once.

For testing purposes, we just started talking about the wine we were about to drink. We liked the wine and the conversation we had wasn’t half-bad either, so we decided to turn it into a beta-podcast to share on our blog.

Caveats: Again, we didn’t record this with the intent of actually sharing it, so the quality is going to be a lot rougher than what we hope to produce in the future. Also, we were on camera while doing this, which impacts the content. For example, at the 1:05 mark, I start pouring the wine and the sound of liquid pouring into our glasses is discernable. If you were watching this as a video, you’d know what was happening, but the sound can be a wee bit distracting as an audio-only file.

Listen to “Fish Out of Water: Alice Verdeca 2019” on Spreaker.